Route 181
Washington Road / Fairburn

This route operates East/West from East Point Station to the City of Fairburn along Washington Rd., Roosevelt Hwy., Buffington Rd., Flat Shoals Rd., alternating via Shannon Pkwy. and Oakley Rd., Beverly Engram Pkwy., Roosevelt Hwy. and W. Broad St. Points of Interest: HJC Bowden Senior Multipurpose Facility, Shannon Square, GA Military College, and Fairburn City Hall. 

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
Smith St & Broad StShannon Pkwy & Lancaster LaneBuffington Rd & Flat Shoals RdWashington Rd & Roosevelt HwyWashington Rd & Lakemont DrEast Point Station
04:22 am04:29 am04:39 am04:47 am04:53 am05:05 am
+ 04:42 am04:49 am04:59 am05:07 am05:13 am05:25 am
05:02 am05:09 am05:19 am05:27 am05:33 am05:45 am
+ 05:21 am05:28 am05:38 am05:46 am05:52 am06:05 am
05:37 am05:44 am05:54 am06:05 am06:12 am06:25 am
+ 05:54 am06:03 am06:14 am06:25 am06:32 am06:45 am
06:14 am06:23 am06:34 am06:45 am06:52 am07:05 am
+ 06:34 am06:43 am06:54 am07:05 am07:12 am07:25 am
06:54 am07:03 am07:14 am07:25 am07:32 am07:45 am
+ 07:14 am07:23 am07:34 am07:45 am07:52 am08:05 am
07:34 am07:43 am07:54 am08:05 am08:12 am08:25 am
+ 07:54 am08:03 am08:14 am08:25 am08:32 am08:45 am
08:14 am08:23 am08:34 am08:45 am08:52 am09:05 am
+ 08:35 am08:44 am08:55 am09:06 am09:12 am09:25 am
09:06 am09:15 am09:25 am09:36 am09:42 am09:55 am
+ 09:36 am09:45 am09:55 am10:06 am10:12 am10:25 am
10:06 am10:15 am10:25 am10:36 am10:42 am10:55 am
+ 10:36 am10:45 am10:55 am11:06 am11:12 am11:25 am
11:06 am11:15 am11:25 am11:36 am11:42 am11:55 am
+ 11:36 am11:45 am11:55 am12:06 pm12:12 pm12:25 pm
12:06 pm12:15 pm12:25 pm12:36 pm12:42 pm12:55 pm
+ 12:36 pm12:45 pm12:55 pm01:06 pm01:12 pm01:25 pm
01:06 pm01:15 pm01:25 pm01:36 pm01:42 pm01:55 pm
+ 01:36 pm01:45 pm01:55 pm02:06 pm02:12 pm02:25 pm
02:06 pm02:15 pm02:25 pm02:36 pm02:42 pm02:55 pm
+ 02:34 pm02:43 pm02:53 pm03:06 pm03:12 pm03:25 pm
02:52 pm03:02 pm03:13 pm03:26 pm03:32 pm03:45 pm
+ 03:12 pm03:22 pm03:33 pm03:46 pm03:52 pm04:05 pm
03:32 pm03:42 pm03:53 pm04:06 pm04:12 pm04:25 pm
+ 03:52 pm04:02 pm04:13 pm04:26 pm04:32 pm04:45 pm
04:12 pm04:22 pm04:33 pm04:46 pm04:52 pm05:05 pm
+ 04:32 pm04:42 pm04:53 pm05:06 pm05:12 pm05:25 pm
04:52 pm05:02 pm05:13 pm05:26 pm05:32 pm05:45 pm
+ 05:12 pm05:22 pm05:33 pm05:46 pm05:52 pm06:05 pm
05:32 pm05:42 pm05:53 pm06:06 pm06:12 pm06:25 pm
+ 05:52 pm06:02 pm06:13 pm06:26 pm06:32 pm06:45 pm
06:14 pm06:24 pm06:35 pm06:48 pm06:54 pm07:05 pm
+ 06:42 pm06:52 pm07:01 pm07:09 pm07:14 pm07:25 pm
07:14 pm07:22 pm07:31 pm07:39 pm07:44 pm07:55 pm
+ 07:54 pm08:02 pm08:11 pm08:19 pm08:24 pm08:35 pm
08:34 pm08:42 pm08:51 pm08:59 pm09:04 pm09:15 pm
+ 09:14 pm09:22 pm09:31 pm09:39 pm09:44 pm09:55 pm
09:54 pm10:02 pm10:11 pm10:19 pm10:24 pm10:35 pm
+ 10:34 pm10:42 pm10:51 pm10:59 pm11:04 pm11:15 pm
11:14 pm11:22 pm11:31 pm11:39 pm11:44 pm11:55 pm
+ 11:54 pm12:02 am12:11 am12:19 am12:24 am12:35 am
East Point Station Washington Rd & Lakemont DrWashington Rd & Roosevelt HwyBuffington Rd & Flat Shoals RdShannon Pkwy & Lancaster LaneSmith St & Broad St
+ 05:20 am05:31 am05:36 am05:46 am05:55 am06:07 am
05:40 am05:51 am05:56 am06:06 am06:16 am06:28 am
+ 06:00 am06:13 am06:18 am06:30 am06:40 am06:52 am
06:20 am06:33 am06:38 am06:50 am07:00 am07:12 am
+ 06:40 am06:53 am06:58 am07:10 am07:20 am07:32 am
07:00 am07:13 am07:18 am07:30 am07:40 am07:52 am
+ 07:20 am07:33 am07:38 am07:50 am08:00 am08:12 am
07:40 am07:53 am07:58 am08:10 am08:20 am08:32 am
+ 08:00 am08:13 am08:18 am08:30 am08:40 am08:52 am
08:20 am08:33 am08:38 am08:50 am09:00 am09:12 am
+ 08:40 am08:53 am08:58 am09:10 am09:20 am09:32 am
09:10 am09:23 am09:28 am09:38 am09:48 am10:00 am
+ 09:40 am09:53 am09:58 am10:08 am10:18 am10:30 am
10:10 am10:23 am10:28 am10:38 am10:48 am11:00 am
+ 10:40 am10:53 am10:58 am11:08 am11:18 am11:30 am
11:10 am11:23 am11:28 am11:38 am11:48 am12:00 pm
+ 11:40 am11:53 am11:58 am12:08 pm12:18 pm12:30 pm
12:10 pm12:23 pm12:28 pm12:38 pm12:48 pm01:00 pm
+ 12:40 pm12:53 pm12:58 pm01:08 pm01:18 pm01:30 pm
01:10 pm01:23 pm01:28 pm01:38 pm01:48 pm02:00 pm
+ 01:40 pm01:53 pm01:58 pm02:08 pm02:18 pm02:30 pm
02:10 pm02:23 pm02:28 pm02:38 pm02:48 pm03:00 pm
+ 02:40 pm02:53 pm02:58 pm03:08 pm03:18 pm03:30 pm
03:00 pm03:13 pm03:19 pm03:31 pm03:41 pm03:53 pm
+ 03:20 pm03:33 pm03:39 pm03:51 pm04:01 pm04:13 pm
03:40 pm03:53 pm03:59 pm04:11 pm04:21 pm04:33 pm
+ 04:00 pm04:13 pm04:19 pm04:31 pm04:41 pm04:53 pm
04:20 pm04:33 pm04:39 pm04:51 pm05:01 pm05:13 pm
+ 04:40 pm04:53 pm04:59 pm05:11 pm05:21 pm05:33 pm
05:00 pm05:13 pm05:19 pm05:31 pm05:41 pm05:53 pm
+ 05:20 pm05:33 pm05:39 pm05:51 pm06:01 pm06:13 pm
05:40 pm05:53 pm05:59 pm06:11 pm06:21 pm06:33 pm
+ 06:00 pm06:13 pm06:19 pm06:31 pm06:41 pm06:53 pm
06:20 pm06:33 pm06:39 pm06:51 pm07:01 pm07:13 pm
+ 06:40 pm06:53 pm06:59 pm07:11 pm07:20 pm07:32 pm
07:00 pm07:12 pm07:17 pm07:26 pm07:35 pm07:47 pm
+ 07:30 pm07:42 pm07:47 pm07:56 pm08:05 pm08:17 pm
08:10 pm08:22 pm08:27 pm08:36 pm08:45 pm08:57 pm
+ 08:50 pm09:02 pm09:07 pm09:16 pm09:25 pm09:37 pm
09:30 pm09:42 pm09:47 pm09:56 pm10:05 pm10:17 pm
+ 10:10 pm10:22 pm10:27 pm10:36 pm10:45 pm10:57 pm
10:50 pm11:02 pm11:07 pm11:16 pm11:25 pm11:37 pm
+ 11:30 pm11:42 pm11:47 pm11:56 pm12:05 am12:17 am
12:10 am12:22 am12:27 am12:36 am12:45 am --
+ 12:50 am01:02 am01:07 am01:16 am01:25 am --