Update on Five Points Transformation Project

While we continue to engage with Mayor Dickens on the Five Points Transformation Project, we are pausing the immediate implementation of service impacts. Eight downtown bus routes that were scheduled to relocate this Saturday, July 6, will remain stationed out of Five Points, and customer impacts scheduled for July 29 will be paused. As stated previously, design issues and decades of water intrusion have led to damage throughout the station, including to critical electric train control equipment, and the safety of our customers will continue to be our top priority. To hear more about the design flaws from the original architect and see the ongoing water intrusion and damage, click HERE.

MARTA remains steadfast in our belief that removal and replacement of the canopy is the best option, and one that was approved by our partners at the City of Atlanta. We pledge to continue working with the Mayor and other stakeholders to deliver these critical infrastructure and safety improvements, enhance the customer experience, and keep Atlanta moving forward as a world-class destination.

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